The Bridge of Orchy is a very small village of 10 or so houses, a hotel, fire station and community centre, however we inexplicably also have a train station. You won’t find any staff, there’s no café and you can’t even buy a ticket there but you can catch a train direct to the bustling metropolis of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city.

The train meanders around the mountains and travels along the banks of Loch Lomond offering great views and stopping at various other tiny places that you wouldn’t expect justified a train station, before getting into Glasgow after just over 2 hours.

The people next to us had their dog sitting on the table most of the way which no one seemed to mind, including the train conductors, although this is something we enjoyed I can’t guarantee this will happen on every train journey, although we’re in the Highlands and it might.

We loved our trip as you can see from our photos, if you choose to do the same we’d recommend staying for at least a night in Glasgow as the last train comes back at about 18:20 and Glasgow has amazing nightlife, although it is possible to do as a day trip arriving in Glasgow at around 11:30am.

Glasgow has some fantastic restaurants, and although we didn’t get close to going to them all (having tried to eat as much as possible in the name of research) we can highly recommend the three places we got to in the 24 hours for the amazing food and brilliant staff. Stereo – a completely plant based pub and restaurant with lots of live music, Rose and Grants – an awesome café with booth seating and great food, and our favourite Suissi – a fully vegan Asian inspired restaurant in Glasgow’s west end.