vegan west highland way 2


Breakfast is brilliant, just ask a Hobbit, they love breakfast so much that given half the chance they’ll have a second breakfast before lunch. While we can’t all spend our mornings lounging about like Frodo, demanding Gandalf magics us up yet another round of French Toast, we can, every now and then, spoil ourselves with an epic and delicious morning feast.

Hayley and myself love breakfast, in fact it’s amongst our top five meals of the day, and we’d very much like to tell you about the things we currently have on the menu for the new season!

Obviously there’s the traditional favourite, the full Scottish, with vegan haggis, Lorne sausage, tattie scone and all the other good stuff you’d expect. However, some people think its odd to eat a whole cooked meal early doors, I’m looking at you Europe, so of course there’s the continental option. Our take on this includes granola, muffins, fruit and hummus toast with micro herbs amongst other things. So far this is all standard fayre for a Scottish B&B, although to be ‘fayre’ almost all of it, including the breads is homemade.

We’re more excited to go through the new additions this year. Starting off with by far our most popular option so far, Black Forest Pancakes. Fluffy pancakes, stuffed with chocolate chips, covered in yoghurt, cherry compote and chocolate sauce. Is it the ideal fuel to start off a day of hiking 15 to 20 miles? I couldn’t possibly say, I’m not a doctor. Is it delicious and fun? Certainly.

There’s also Peanut butter and Strawberry compote porridge, please don’t tell the rest of Scotland about this one as they might ask us to leave. We’ve taken the traditional Scottish breakfast and mixed it with a child’s PB&J sandwich filling. It’s awesome. Sorry about that.

Finally there’s the Matcha Coconut Overnight Oats, this one is actually really sensible and healthy, its even got green tea in it! You’ll be detoxing as you walk around the Highlands, also it’s really yummy. You’re welcome.

We’re Greenstone Lodge, a little Scottish plant based B&B, and if you’re half as excited about our breakfasts as we are, maybe we’ll see you soon.