Vegan B&B Scotland 2


The Bridge of Orchy weather is very changeable, sometimes impressively so. Neil Finn and the Crowded House lads sang about 4 seasons in one day, well Neil, on a good day we can cycle through 4 seasons in about half an hour.

There is a misconception that it’s always raining in the Highlands, if you look at a weather forecast then granted a lot of days feature rain, in fact a lot of hours feature rain, but in that same hour you’ll have beautiful sun, then out of nowhere the temperature will drop 5 degrees, then go up 7, the wind will pick up then die off, you hear yourself asking “that can’t be snow, can it?”, before stripping down to your vest. Then the rain is back and you’ll go through all that once more before the hour is up.

September really got bonkers, we went swimming in nearby loch Tulla in 29 degree heat, the next day it was 12. The weather can also be very localised, and even if you’re getting rained on, your neighbour 3 miles down the road is sat in the beer garden enjoying the sun (we’re quite underpopulated and spread out so that still counts as a neighbour).

The advice we give all our guests is always carry a rain coat, to put on, then take off, and put on again, at regular intervals. Some guests explain that this is the main reason they come to Scotland, they’ve become jaded, living with the consistent and unflappably perfect weather of Spain or California, although they’re always still pleased to have a piece of cake and a drying cabinet waiting for them when they get here.